I'd rather be in the mountains.
I don’t write as much because I have no need to relieve my pending stress. My life’s turned into a jumbled mess that only I can see and it’s no longer a question or a best guess. These people keep falling and I keep standing, everyone stays low to earth as I drift through the sky seeming perfectly fine. Superior image of a good luck kid, potty mouth posse but I’m the only one to speak. It all falls in spiral motion even after I’ve given my devotion, when at the end of the day I see all eyes on me but I despise the lies even if it’s my best bet to believe everything’s a disguise. Unconditional love never felt more breakable or highly mistakable, lived to see a better creation from what became of you but I failed my last test and this place is so difficult to escape so I got to elaborate. When it’s the phantom of an anthem followed by the next grand mansion no one can stand em except the seemingly pending expansion to a higher standard like king Samson. I can’t be what this place wants me to be, I can’t seek greater things of which I’ve been taught to see, I’m just little old me not very humble but best believe I’ll work to relieve the doubts of who I’ll grow to be.
Trying to fit into the right version of me (via vans-and-skinnyjeans)


This is the type of place I want to live in when I move to L.A. Like exactly how I envision it in my head.

I thought: this is how life is, ridiculous beyond comprehension.
Barbara Kingslover, Animal Dreams (via feellng)
Love is the kind of thing that’s already happening by the time you notice it, that’s how it works, and no matter how old you get, that doesn’t change. Except that you can break it up into two entirely distinct types — love where there’s an end in sight and love where there isn’t.
 Banana Yoshimoto, Goodbye Tsugumi (via feellng)